Your Dream Kitchen Awaits

At Zelmar Kitchen Designs & More (Zelmar) we have established a one stop shop experience for our customers with our award winning design team, wide array of products, & team of master installers. We guide you through the process of remodeling your home from beginning to end. The following is a basic summary of the Zelmar Process providing step by step information to help you plan for your remodeling journey ahead.

Please note that as a company specializing in cabinetry, every project we take on must include cabinetry as a part of the renovation (rare exclusions may apply). To ensure quality control for our renovation projects,  we only install materials offered by Zelmar (on products we carry)*.

Click on each icon to learn more and learn more about the remodeling process.

01. EXPLORE THE ZELMAR WEBSITE                               
Explore our site for information about our company, brands & products, photos of our kitchen & bath remodels & much more. See our reviews and why we are one of the top rated companies in Central Florida. If you ever have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to send us a question or call us.

                         02. CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA
Follow us on Facebook & Google+ for news, photos, current specials, and everything Zelmar Kitchen Designs. See what others are saying about us, posting & sharing. Add favorite projects or styles in your idea book.
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03. VISIT US AT OUR SHOWROOM                                 
Visit our showroom in Orlando to see displays, samples, & the various products we offer. Allow us the opportunity to learn more about your project, to see how we can help remodel your future dream home.

                           04. SET UP AN IN HOME MEASUREMENT
Schedule an in home consultation so we can have all of the detailed dimensions of your home. Measurements include a $135 or $95 fee (learn more) We only design projects & provide quotes based off of our professional measurements.

                               05. SELECT CABINETS + MATERIALS
Select your materials (cabinet door styles & colors, tiles, sinks, countertops, etc), so we can compile a complete list of products to price out for your project.

06. HAVE A PROFESSIONAL DESIGN MADE                        
Next we create a design in our 20/20 CAD design software. There is no additional charge for having a design made, but the design remains the property of Zelmar, unless (at the designers discretion) you choose to purchase our plans & designs at $125 per hour worked (learn more).

07. SELECT ADDITIONAL MATERIALS                _             
While we offer a variety of products, things like appliances, are not sold at Zelmar. We will refer your to great places to shop. Let us know certain sizes you plan on using for your project to complete your design.

                                  08. REVIEW THE DESIGN + LAYOUT

Review your design & future layout to see a virtual tour of your future kitchen, bath or other living space. At this point make any alterations to your project & see your project transform. This now includes VR & AR!

09. GET ESTIMATES FOR YOUR PROJECT                          
Receive pricing on everything for sale at Zelmar. Once these prices are accepted, we would bring in the rest of the Zelmar Team (as needed) to provide estimates on plumbing, tiling, painting etc.

                       10. PLACE THE ORDER FOR YOUR PROJECT

Review all of the plans once more & place your order. All purchases are made using check , money order or cash only. In order to keep low prices for all of our clients, customers who wish to use a credit card will be charged a convenience fee

11. CREATE A WORK SCHEDULE                                       
Establish an estimated schedule for product deliveries & the start of your project (based on your availability & that of our install team).

                              12. TEAM ZELMAR FIRST WORK PHASE

The first wave of work begins with tear out/haul away & installation of the property with projects requiring services such as wall/plumbing alterations, tiling, painting, electrical etc.

We schedule & coordinate the delivery times of all materials purchased at Zelmar from cabinets & decorative hardware to tiles & countertops based on the established work schedule & your availability.

                                               14. FINAL INSTALLATIONS

The installation of cabinets is done after flooring & all other required parts are complete. After cabinets are put in, we schedule countertop templating & installation (7-10 day after templating).

_________________                       15. FINAL PAYMENTS
Once the project is complete, we set up a final walk through & inspection of the living spaces to ensure everything has been completed to full satisfaction. We then collect the final payment (20%).

                                             16. PHOTO & VIDEO SHOOT
We coordinate home photo/video shoots for select projects to be featured on our site. If you have an interest in having your project photographed, please contact us upon project completion to schedule a shoot.

17. WRITE A REVIEW/TESTIMONIAL                                 
Tell us about your experience with Zelmar. We are top rated by our customers in value & overall satisfaction. After the project is complete please offer a testimonial or review us on one of the many review sites. Finally, we invite you back for any future home remodeling projects you may have. We are always here to help.

                                   18. HOME MAINTENANCE & CARE
After your home renovation is complete, general home maintenance is required. Daily cleaning is essential to keeping your new home spaces  looking pristine for years to come. Clean up messes as soon as possible and explore our Zelmar Connect page for more home care tips.

*To ensure quality control for our renovation projects,  we only install materials offered by Zelmar (on products we carry).

Example: we do not install cabinets or flooring provided by another companies, but do install faucets or disposals (because they are not products we currently offer).